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Disability Insurance

Nearly 40% of working people have disability insurance while 70% have life insurance. For many Americans the thought of a long term disability seems much less likely than death. However, the facts show that one in five people between the ages 35 and 65 will become disabled for at least five years. We are three times more likely to become disabled during this time than to die, yet most still don't have disability insurance.

Folks, this is during your prime working years. Would being out of work for an extended period of time have an impact on your financial situation?

 Who needs Disability Insurance?

    • Physicians

    • Attorneys
    • Skilled Trade Professionals
      (musicians, artist, etc.)
    • Anyone with an annual income in excess of $40K

There are many types of disability insurance, from very basic coverage to policies numerous options. Each policy is designed to meet the special needs of the applicant. Your policy will determine when benefits begin, how long they will be paid, how much will be paid and what the policy limitations will be. To get more information and rates on disability insurance, visit our disability insurance specialist site.

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