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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance and auto insurance have many of the same components. Listed below are the elements that together makeup a motorcycle insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

  • Guest Passenger Liability Protection: provides coverage for bodily injury to a passenger on your motorcycle.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Protection: provides coverage if you or a covered driver are legally liable in an accident in which others are injured or killed.
  • Property Damage Liability Protection: provides coverage if you or a covered driver are legally liable for damages to another person's property resulting from an accident.

Collision Coverage

Provides coverage for damage from an accident to your insured or non-owned motorcycle and to your helmet. Your deductible is not subtracted from the loss payment in the event of a collision involving your cycle and another vehicle insured by the same company

Comprehensive Coverage

Provides coverage for damage to your insured or non-owned motorcycle caused by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, flood and certain other non-collision losses.

Medical Payments Coverage

Provides coverage if you, covered family members, or your covered passengers receive necessary medical treatment, services or products for bodily injury caused by a covered accident.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP)

Also called "no-fault" insurance. Although coverage varies by state, PIP typically provides coverage for you, covered family members, or your covered passengers for medical, rehabilitation, or funeral expenses, even work loss, survivors' loss and essential services expenses caused by covered accidents.

Motor Cycle Policy (Optional Coverages)

  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists Coverage
    Provides coverage in case you, a covered family member, or your covered passengers are injured or killed in an accident involving a driver who doesn't have insurance at all or who doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damage they cause you (respectively).

  • Optional Equipment Coverage
    If you select comprehensive coverage, for an additional premium you can also obtain coverage for loss to any optional or added equipment that is not permanently installed. This includes such items as crash bars, custom seats, sissy bars, windshields, fairings, saddle bags, tank bags, trunk and luggage racks, custom light bars, and custom exhaust systems.

  • Towing and Labor Costs Coverage
    Company will the cost of labor done at the site of disablement of your insured or non-owned motorcycle and for necessary towing of your motorcycle because of the disablement.

  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage
    Provides coverage for the cost of renting an automobile if you have purchased comprehensive and/or collision coverage and the loss to your motorcycle involves either coverage.

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