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Renters Insurance

Protect your assets with renters insurance

This may come as a surprise to you, but did you know your landlord's insurance does not cover your personal property? Your clothes, jewelry, stereos, televisions, bicycles, computers, furniture, artwork and other valuable possessions are not protected against loss or destruction. Fact is, apartment renters need special insurance for their belongings.

Renters insurance protects your personal property at home and away from home against the following hazards: fire, smoke or lightning, burglary or vandalism, riot or civil commotion, explosion or electrical surge damage, windstorm or hail, falling objects, and other hazards detailed in policy. Your personal property can be protected with replacement cost coverage. This additional protection assures that if a loss occurs, you will receive reimbursement for the full cost to repair or replace your property at today's market cost, up to the policy limit. Renters insurance also covers you within your policy limits if someone slips and falls in your dwelling or is injured by any of your possessions and then sues. The insurance should cover your responsibility to other people injured at your home or elsewhere, and includes legal defense costs if you are taken to court within the policy limits.

Rates and coverage vary form state to state and company to company. Shop around and compare coverage and rates from different companies. For more information and rates on renters insurance visit our specialist site below.